Within the House of Caibo we like sharing, which is why we offer our friends the opportunity to earn revenue and share commissions as they work in tandem with Cai and nurture the House of Caibo as its co-guardian. And why complicate things? For our friends, we’ve built the simplest, straight-forward and competitive program there is. As a Friends of Caibo, you earn a 30% lifetime revenue share commission from Day 1 forward. It’s as simple as that.


We like to treat our Friends of Caibo well, which is why we simply don’t work with negative carry-over in our Affiliate Program. Negative carry-over would mean that a friend’s monthly losses would roll over to the subsequent month. And maybe even the next… and the next. This is something Cai does not approve of and is not a question in our house. Isn’t that what friends are for? So partnering up with Cai will get you a fresh start with monthly earning potential every month without worrying about past downfalls. Keep moving forward!


At CAIBO, we run relevant campaigns in a timely manner to support your players, so they do not miss out on anything exciting and fun, while helping them get that extra chance to win increments. Our campaigns and programs are always under the surveillance of Cai, which is why you can rest assured your players stay well and only play within their limits. As we run programs, we keep retaining players engaged with us, not only where they play safe, but also where they continue to aggregate your commission based on their activity. Hence, CAIBO and Cai are doing much of the work for you after you’ve acquired your players.


The Lounge of Caibo is the area in the House of Caibo where the most prominent players hang out. Earning access to the Lounge, your players receive even bigger and better rewards, which unlock opportunities for greater wins and more exciting gameplay, as they move forward into the secret areas of the Lounge. As a member only, you may opt-in to participate in events such as raffles, golden tickets and being exclusively hosted both on and off-site.